Michelle Ussher 

Ladies That Laugh


Special thanks to the students of West Dean College who participated in the laughing workshop for this recording.

Nocturne (Delphine! Are You There..?)


This sound piece was a key element of my installation for the exhibition 'The Green Ray', curated by Andrew Hunt at Wilkinson Gallery, London 2016, and The British School at Rome 2016. The piece was played from large speakers accompanied by three abstract oil paintings of the same size. 'Nocturne (Delphine! Are You There..?) is a sonic seance made in response to the film and novel 'Le Rayon Vert' by Eric Rohmer and Jules Verne. It explores a contemporary understanding of female desire. I developed the text from Tinder and Grindr exchanges, and the dialogue is performed by Michelle Ussher & Sarah Byrne, and recorded by Joel Stern. I developed the composition in collaboration with Huw Hallam, who also performs the piano solo.

The mind goes out to meet itself


The sound piece was a key element for my installations 'The mind goes out to meet itself' presented at Artspace, Sydney, 2015, and 'Is it your body I hold in my arms or the sea?', at Station Gallery, 2015. The music was played out of speakers hidden in the ceiling to aide the physical feeling of being suspended in the space, similar to how the ceramic sculptures were displayed. Voices: Michelle Ussher & Sarah Byrne
Piano: Huw Hallam
Text: Michelle Ussher
Composed: Huw Hallam & Michelle Ussher